About Our Store

The history of our company is a story of success based on professionalism, faith in our team, and finding extraordinary solutions where none of the competitors thinks to look for them. Our achievements prompt us to get even better and expand the services we provide, meeting and exceeding the ever-evolving expectations of our customers.

Having great experience working in the pharmaceutical market behind our backs, our Happy Family Store was created to meet the medical needs of modern patients in one single place. With the ultimate goal of helping everyone strengthen their health and prevent diseases, we strive to achieve the following:

  • adhere to professional ethics and confidentiality;
  • provide high-quality pharmaceutical services;
  • promote proper use of drugs, medical devices, and medical equipment;
  • provide competitive advantage with modern technological advancements;
  • have appropriate equipment, premises, and other necessary conditions that ensure the availability of high-quality drugs and medical devices to the consumer;
  • provide pharmaceutical advisory and information assistance to the population;
  • make drug shopping accessible to a wider population and offer convenient doorstep delivery;
  • improve personnel knowledge on an ongoing basis through additional training.

HappyFamilyStore does not just provide basic pharmaceutical services, such as fulfilling prescriptions and providing consultation on the proper usage of medication, but also additional services for our community. Professional pharmacy services include disposal of unwanted and expired medicines, online prescription ordering and delivery, assistance with quitting smoking, as well as accessible pharmacy services.

Thanks to the responsible approach, our company guarantees a modern high-quality service for all buyers. We carefully monitor the drugs coming to us. HFS collaborates only with leading and trustworthy pharmaceutical suppliers that have all the necessary certificates and quality guarantees.

Along with quality control, special attention is given to our employees. All members of our team have the necessary pharmaceutical education and experience. Moreover, our employees regularly undergo advanced training courses. All this allows us to constantly improve the service and offer our customers a large selection of safe and trusted drugs.