Family Supplements

Did you know your community pharmacy does more than just dispense medications?

Vitamins and minerals are essential components of human health. They participate in many metabolic processes occurring in the body. All aspects of our health depend on their balance. A lack of vitamins and minerals adversely affects human life, leading to a weakening of the body as a whole, a decrease in protective properties, and a deterioration in internal processes and appearance.

The pace of modern life requires people of all ages to expend a lot of energy – mental, emotional, and physical. Therefore, vitamins in the form of dietary supplements are often necessary for all family members. Multivitamins, often called daily or family supplements, are a category of supplements that have a balanced content of vitamins and minerals suitable for men, women, children, and older adults.

Vitamins and minerals for the whole family

Universal family vitamin-mineral complexes are perfect for those people who do not want to waste time studying the wide range of supplements presented in our online store and want to be healthy right now. We try to select only the highest quality products, taking into account the needs of everyone, regardless of age and gender. Therefore, you will always find universal complexes of vitamins and minerals for the whole family with the required content of the following components:

  • Vitamin B – healthy skin, hair and nails;
  • Vitamins A and E – essential for vision and mental abilities, so they are in all universal multivitamins;
  • Vitamin D3 – helps absorb calcium and participates in all metabolic processes;
  • Vitamin C – powerful antioxidant and immune boosting supplement, so it is present in every multivitamin complex for the whole family;
  • Magnesium – the true king of minerals, which should be part of all family supplements;
  • Digestive enzymes – allow everyone in your family to avoid problems with the gastrointestinal tract, from children to representatives of the older generation.

It is worth remembering that family supplements are not medicines that can treat a health issue. Nonetheless, they can support the immune system and various body systems if the diet does not have enough beneficial microelements.

Before taking any supplements, it is recommended to consult your GP. Knowing the characteristics of your body, they will be able to provide a more accurate and effective prescription, since each vitamin has a specific effect on the body. Carefully study the list of indications and contraindications for each dietary supplement!

We will help you quickly find what you need!

If you are not sure which supplements to choose, we recommend that you consult with our pharmacists. They will help you choose a supplement for you and your family for free and may recommend additional vitamins for women or multicomplexes for men, depending on your individual needs.