Rewards Programs

We strive to become the leader of the US pharmaceutical market; therefore, we have always stayed true to our values: professionalism, teamwork, responsibility, and openness. At the same time, the most important element in our work is making every family healthy! Our goal lies in ensuring that patients receive the best possible care that is not only safe but also financially and clinically effective. One of the ways we do it is through reward programs.

Registration and Birthday Rewards

As soon as you register on Happy Family Store, you will receive rewards points that you can apply towards your order. Another time our clients get extra reward points is their birthdays. It is our way to congratulate you and give you a present that you can spend towards staying healthy. The bonus points will be instantly added to your account and provide you with an opportunity to cut down the costs of your medications, supplements, and other items offered on our portal.

Loyalty Program

We value customers who turn to Happy Family Store for their medical needs and to purchase medications, supplements, and medical equipment. Thus, we created a loyalty program that rewards returning customers. For each purchase you make, you will immediately receive reward points that can be later redeemed to cut down the money going out of your pocket during the next order. The rewards can be accumulated for up to six months and if you do not use any of your rewards during this period, they will become inactive.

Extra Coupons

If you regularly shop at Happy Family Pharmacy, you might find a coupon in your mailbox. These additional coupons will provide a dollar value off of your upcoming order or give a certain percentage off of the total value of your purchase. You might also get custom coupons based on your previous purchases. They offer a great opportunity to save money, especially if you have a long-term treatment plan or regularly need medications. Depending on the coupon, they can be used on their own or combined with other rewards to get maximum benefit from shopping at HFS.

Exclusive Deals

Our pharmacy also has additional promotions on a regular basis. These are typically offered to current users but might also be available to those who are visiting for the first time. These can include a wide variety of deals. You might get an especially attractive discount on items you regularly buy, a free gift for spending a specific amount, a personalized free consultation from our medical experts on managing your medications intake, free shipping of your order, a senior’s day with extra discounts on orders, and much more.

Besides rewards, our platform serves our customers by keeping them informed on the latest product and health information.